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  • Becca Terkelsen

My Trader joe's Açai bowl

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

My quest began after I attended an Orange Theory class with my friend, Jenn. She said she knew of this amazing place that had smoothies, juices, and more where everything was delicious. Off we went to Vela Juice Bar in Plymouth where I experienced (yes, it is an EXPERIENCE!!) their protein bowl and let me say- it's incomparable! The granola they use is delicious, the fruit is always somehow in season and blended perfectly. The house made peanut butter alone is worth the 30 minute trip for me to get there! But I can't always get to Plymouth and, right now, EVERYTHING is closed, (Current Covid-Crisis).

So after months and years of working at it, (and a current bonus of extra time), I think I have found the PERFECT blend (pun intended!)! My Trader Joe's Strawberry Banana Açai Bowl. Why TJ's, you ask? Because nearly everything I used was from there! The link to my full printable recipe is under the picture of my acai bowl.

I found the trick was using the right blend of frozen vs. dry ingredients. I also mix up the fruits I use, sometimes just strawberries, or mixed berries, on occasion I add pineapple. I use almond butter instead of can really get creative. The protein I use is the BEST I've ever tasted. Arbonne Vanilla Protein is Vegan Certified, gluten free, and mixes so well into a smoothie or bowl with no terrible chalky taste. Allow yourself time to have all your ingredients handy before you start assembling your bowl so that your smoothie isn't completely melty by the time you finish.

Experiment with making it look pretty- the eyes taste before the mouth does!

Have fun making your smoothie bowl! Get the kids in on the action, or just serve them one to sneak some fruits & veggies into their diet- they will think they're having dessert. Try it- you won't regret it!

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